peacock in paris
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A Peacock in Paris

Join Pierre, a friendly peacock, on an adventure around Paris. See some of the most famous parts of the city through beautiful illustrations, enjoy playful rhythm and rhyme, and learn french phrases along the way!

"Are you having fun on this journey with me?
If you say "of course" you could say "Mais Oui"!"
Emily Williams

Emily Williams


I grew up in an Army family; this meant a lot of travel! Luckily, we got to visit some of the most beautiful places full of art, history, and culture. I have always wanted to share the beautiful side of military life: being exposed to different people, places, and languages! They fascinated me as a child and inspired me as an adult. It is my dream to bring all the color, beauty, and culture I was privileged to experience to my readers and their families... perhaps even inspire a few people myself. Thank you for sharing in that dream!


"Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them."

— Neil Gaiman

Fall in Love with Reading to Your Children

Playfully Learn. Joyfully Explore.

When adults read to children, or interact with a reading child, magic can happen! For young children who typically read the same book over and over until they are sick of it, having a quality book makes the experience better for adults. For older children adults get to see the interest in language, art, and culture grow. A good book that's fun, interesting, and educational encourages a healthy reading relationship for everyone involved and sets the stage for future success:

“The National Early Literacy Panel reviewed the research and found that a young child’s ability to talk, listen and understand spoken and written words is related to later literacy achievement in reading, writing and spelling. Even before children start school, they can become aware of systematic patterns of sounds in spoken language, manipulate sounds in words, recognize words and break them apart into smaller units.” (National Institute for Literacy)

peacock in paris

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